Our Firm offers administrative and judicial litigation services involving municipal, state, and federal taxes, also dealing with customs and social security matters.

We have a multidisciplinary team with qualified lawyers to meet highly complex tax demands, both in the administrative field and in lawsuits in which we represent our clients in court. Also, our activities are guided by the periodic analysis and monitoring of the jurisprudence of administrative and judicial courts, especially at higher courts to support strategic business decisions in litigation matters.

In this regard, our Firm is able to provide our clients with the presentation of adequate procedural alternatives to settle tax, social security, and customs claims. We seek to point out the risks and benefits of all available alternatives for settling administrative and legal claims, providing support for decision making purposes, including in relation to the consequences that such claims can cause for the business activities, under different perspectives.

We contact the judges, whenever possible, for the presentation and clarification of legal and factual aspects regarding the lawsuits under our responsibility.

We have strict control over deadlines and milestones, closely following up on procedural progress and providing timely responses to audits.

We also support our clients in inspection procedures and in consultancy related to procedural law matters in the tax, social security, and customs, including through the identification and guidance on procedural strategies to be adopted, the interpretation of judicial decisions and their impacts for our clients. We also support due diligence processes, identifying the risks and impacts of administrative and legal proceedings on M&A operations and Post Deal.